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ACS – Online Backup & Cloud Storage Services in Ireland

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Our online backup service allows you to pay a yearly subscription to have your data backed up for disaster recovery & long term retention. The service is a fully redundant, managed remote backup solution.

Online Backup, Cloud Storage Services in Ireland

Many companies are relying on tapes for long-term storage & disaster recovery. However, managing, verifying and rotating tapes is time consuming and extremely error prone.

Affordable Protection:  Online storage offers backup and  recovery capabilities without any upfront investment. Your business pays a fixed yearly fee, rather than investing in backup hardware, software and tape media, additional IT administration time and off site tape services.

Data restores are made easier and faster because you can access your data from anywhere at anytime online with large scale restores delivered to your office if required.

Complete Control: You control what data is backed up and when it is backed up and how long the backups are kept for.

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