• Print payslips on blank paper (2 per A4, 1 per A5, 1 per A4).
  • Print payslips on Thesaurus stationery.

  • Email payslips in one click (no server setup is required) with customisable subject and body (and mail merge support). The payslip gets included as PDF attachment (optionally password protected).

  • Export payslips to individual PDF files (optionally password protected) with customisable file name.

  • Tailor your payslips to show/hide employer logo, period number, tax week number, tax month number, employer address, employee address, annual leave remaining, payment method, notes, and more.

  • Optionally give individual payments, additions and deductions a custom description on the payslip (or hide them).

  • Print, email or export payslips by department, payment method, directorship, alpha grouping, and more.

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