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ACS provide a procurement service to meet all our clients’ hardware, software and system needs. The service is based on the specific requirements of the business in terms of budgets, system integration and scalability, and gives our clients access to a wide portfolio of products. 

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As your businesses grows so does your needs to share certain files, folders, accounting and marketing data with your employees. By setting up a network all your computers, printers and other peripheries will be connected together to ensure continued productivity and efficiency of work.

No business underestimates the criticality of keeping their server and network infrastructure up and running. In many cases, when server/network outages or service degradation occur, it can prevent your entire business from operating.

ACS – Online Backup

Easy to use

Fully managed

Daily email reports

100% Irish owned and operated

Data stored in our Dublin Data centres

Our online backup service allows you to pay a yearly subscription to have your data backed up for disaster recovery & long term retention. The service is a fully redundant, managed remote backup solution.

Computer Repairs

We repair all types of printers, laptops and desktops in a fast and efficient manner to get you back on track!

TrendMicro Anti-Virus


Laptops can easily get lost or stolen. This means that sensitive data could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Once enabled, encryption scrambles the contents of the computer’s hard drive making the files unreadable by unauthorised users. An encryption key is required at each login to access and decypt the files. Encryption has been named by GDPR Commission as an appropriate way to achieve data protection goals. supportIT recommends a number of different encryption solutions, depending on budget.

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At ACS, our philosophy is that IT Services should improve your bottom line – whether by managing your data in a superior way, providing relevant and up to the minute information, or streamlining processes, ACS can help improve your business.

IT Support Dublin Ireland – ACS provides IT support services in Malahide.

We are expert in providing IT solutions. IT Maintenance & IT Planning.

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