Small/Medium Business Power Outage Safety Tips

Before a Workplace Power Outage:

1. Test your backup battery systems, emergency lighting, security and fire protection systems regularly.

2. Get a cloud backup and recovery solution and make sure any existing backup system work effectively.

3. Install an uninterrupted PowerChute supply (UPS) on critical electrical equipment for safe shutdown (PC, Servers, etc…)

4. Get a portable power bank fully charged, and spare fully charged mobile phone ready to be use as a mobile hotspot.

5. Have a torch accessible with an extra supply of batteries for you and your employees.

6. Make sure your employees and customers are safe

7. Consider installing generator power supply and know how to safely operate it.

During a Workplace Power Outage:

1. Safely close down UPS-supported equipment before battery backup expires

2. Switch off and disconnect all other devices to protect against power surges on restoration

3. You may also be able to charge your mobile device in the car.

After a Workplace Power Outage

1. Check your equipment and appliances for any damage.

With these power outage tips and tricks, you’ll be ready when the inevitable outage strikes. With greater peace of mind that a power outage won’t threaten the safety of your employees or customers—and that you’re prepared to minimize lost revenue—you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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