Keeping Safe with Trend Micro Worry-Free Security during these uncertain times is the beat way to protect your business.

What you can do now

Defend, Deflect, Protect

Avoid opening unverified emails or clicking on their embedded links, which can begin the ransomware establishment process.

Back up your important documents utilizing the 3-2-1 rule: make three backup copies on two separated media, with one of the backups in a unique location.

Regularly update software, programs, and applications, to guarantee your applications are current, with the most recent updates against new ransomware and threats.

Ukraine-related spam emails

We are seeing new scams and variants of older threats appear daily. We also noticed Ukraine-related spam emails that aim to take advantage of the situation via donations and other scams.

Some examples here via the following screenshots:

Screenshot of a spam email/Ukraine-related scams:

Screenshots of Ukraine-related cryptocurrency donation request:


Screenshot of spam emails spreading NEGASTEA:

Trend Micro Worry-Free

Perfect protection for small and midsize businesses 

ACS recommended Trend Micro Worry Free antivirus. This antivirus continues to actively find and detect these threats before they can inflict damage on customers.

ACS is intently checking the ransomware threats connected with the Russian invasion on Ukraine. We are centred around safeguarding our clients and accomplices that might be impacted by these dangers, and with that in mind, we are giving assets and direction.

If you suspect you have ransomware on your PC computer, ACS can help!!

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