BrightPay Processing payroll:

  • As employees are progressed through the pay period schedule, processed amounts become locked to prevent changes.

  • Process employees individually or in batches.

  • Different pay dates can be used for different employees in a single pay period.

  • To correct payroll amounts, any previous pay period can be re-opened for one or multiple employees to allow changes to be made.

  • Process payroll by department, payment method, directorship, alpha grouping, and more.

  • Switch an employee from one payment schedule to another (e.g. from weekly to monthly) as many times throughout the payroll year as required.

  • Data like calculation basis, PAYE/USC cut off points, PRSI category, department, standard hourly/daily rate, payment method etc. are tracked on a period-by-period basis and can be changed throughout the payroll year as and when required.

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