BrightPay Payroll Software is ready for PAYE Modernisation.

The introduction of PAYE Modernisation improved accuracy and transparency of the PAYE system between employers, employees and Revenue.

This real time reporting process will also mean that the correct tax is deducted when an employee is paid, reducing the occurrence of an employee overpaying or underpaying tax.


  • Add one or multiple Revenue certificates.

  • Retrieve Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN) each pay period and update employees as required.

  • Download employees from RPN.

  • Request new RPN.

  • RPN update history logs.

  • Tracks and alerts where RPNs need to be downloaded and where employee details need to be updated.

  • Send Payroll Submission Request (PSR) each pay period.

  • PSR preview (print/export/email-able)

  • Clear indication of PSR response from Revenue (including any errors).

  • Correction PSR.

  • PSR submission history logs.

  • Tracks and alerts where PSRs need to be sent (or re-sent).

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