Kobra is an industry-leading brand of shredders designed for a broad array of applications. Kobra shredders are packed with innovative attributes and proprietary technology that differentiate it from the competition.

With organisations now largely back in the office, are you are effectively safeguarding your sensitive paper documents?

It is important to make sure that documents containing personal and commercially sensitive information are securely handled, stored and destroyed at the end of their life. That way organisations protect sensitive, personal and commercial data belonging to their customers and staff, this helps to keep them GDPR compliant.

Each Kobra Shredder is designed and built with obsessive attention to detail, aiming at perfection, and the outcome is a product second to none. We have tirelessly kept on innovating and will continue to develop our products because we want to offer our customers that ‘extra-ordinary’ feeling that makes every Kobra product just excellent.

Simple tips for keeping sensitive & personal data safe:

• Don’t leave documents containing personal information unattended

• Employ a clean desk policy

• Lock all working paperwork away at night

• Remove all waste paper baskets

• Position shredders near to where people work

• Shred ALL waste documents to at least P-4

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. The reason is that there are small, cheap shredders everywhere that are not up to the job of keeping you secure, and they come with a whole host of issues.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Prone to jamming – causing frustration and wasting time.
  • Low cutting capacity – it takes forever to shred documents.
  • A small bin that’s always full – no one wants to empty the shredder, so it doesn’t get used.
  • Always overheating – a few minutes of shredding followed by long cooldown times.
  • Regularly breaking down – small shredders are just not robust enough for most office environment.

All of the above lead to user frustration, an unreliable experience and if staff end up not using your shredder, it defeats the object of having it. This can leave you vulnerable to data breaches along with associated fines, loss of reputation, and your customers’ trust.


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