ACS offers a data recovery service which can help you to recover lost data to save time and money.

The loss of data can be a major concern for many companies. ACS can recover lost or damaged drives that suffered any of the following;

  • Viral Infections
  • Lightning hits & Other Natural Disasters
  • Recovery Data from Accidental Deletions
  • Recovery Data from Employee Sabotage
  • Accidental Reformat
  • Broken or Damaged Hard Disk Systems
  • Damaged or Corrupt File Systems
  • RAID System Failures

Our data recovery services also include;

  • Server Data Recovery – RAID Date Recovery
  • Recovery Data from your Home or Business Computer
  • Laptops & Notebooks Data Recovery
  • USB Recovery Data
  • Firewire IEEE 1394 Hard Disks Data Recovery

For more information on how we can help you recover your lost data, call us today on 01-8464200 or email us at