Although many firewall vendors claim to offer CyberAttacks 3superior threat protection, few have been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions. Organizations that use inferior firewalls may believe their networks are protected, even though skilled criminals can sneak past the intrusion prevention system by using complicated algorithms to evade detection and compromise the system.

Because some firewalls offer protection at the expense of performance, organizations that use them may be tempted to turn off or limit their security measures in order to keep up with the demand of high network performance. This is an extremely risky practice that should be avoided.

Another weak link in network security is the human factor. Criminals use phishing scams to gain login and other authorization information that can enable them to simply sidestep firewall protections by instigating attacks from the inside. Also, employees can lose mobile devices or expose them to breach when they are used outside of the network security perimeter.


Counter-attack #3 Choose a comprehensive security platform that offers superior threat protection and high performance


Look for security solutions that have been counter attack3independently tested and certified for network-based malware protection by ICSA Labs.

Consider a multi-core platform design that can scan files of any size and type to respond to changing traffic flows. All firewalls need an engine that protects networks from both internal and external attacks — without compromising performance.

Look for a firewall that offers a network sandbox to help discover brand new malware that may be targeted at your environment. This may mean the difference between a normal work day and one that holds files hostage.

Your security strategy must include protection of mobile and remote endpoints both inside and outside the perimeter.

In addition, you need email security to protect against phishing, spam, viruses, social engineering and other threats transmitted via email.




Cyber-attacks are on the rise, but there are effective defenses.

SonicWall has been fighting the cybercriminal industry for over 27 years, defending small, medium-sized businesses and enterprises worldwide. Combination of products has enabled an automated real-time breach detection and prevention solution tuned to the specific needs of the more than 500,000 organizations in over 215 countries and territories, so you can do more business with less fear.

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