Test your employees’ knowledge with this quiz to determine what the potential risks might be for your organization, so you can deliver the appropriate education and training to keep your systems safe.

Cybersecurity education allows employees to learn about rising digital dangers and best practices to identify and mitigate them in efforts to maintain and improve the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization.

Not offering proper cybersecurity training exercises and conducting security awareness testing exercises can expose both your employees and the business to countless cybersecurity threats – exposing your business to severe consequences, such as:

  • Data/information theft
  • Blackmailing via ransomware infection
  • Spying
  • Reputation loss
  • Revenue loss
  • Hardware or equipment damage
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Security breach

Regularly testing employees’ knowledge about Cybersecurity can help you to determine if there are any weaknesses or gaps in their knowledge that need to be addressed through the development of any additional educational materials.

Did you get less than 7?

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