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As your businesses grows so does your needs to share certain files, folders, accounting and marketing data with your employees then you need Business Computer Network Set Up and Design in Dublin and surrounding area.

By setting up a network all your computers, printers and other peripheries will be connected together to ensure continued productivity and efficiency of work.

At ACS Dublin, we have a dedicated team of networking technicians to help you to get your network up and running.

We also offer levels of support  to ensure that your network stays up and running. Software and operating systems can often be complex and sometimes they fail.

We’ll be there to help you get your system back up and running.

ACS can provide you with:

  • Networking files
  • Tidy cabling using trunking
  • Upgrades – for faster speeds
  • Wide range of routers
  • Network switches
  • VPN – for secure remote access

ubiquiti networks Dublin Ireland

Ubiquiti Networks (Ubiquiti) was founded in 2005 with the mission of enabling ubiquitous wireless broadband networking.

Their service provider product platforms provide carrier-class network infrastructure for fixed wireless broadband, wireless back-haul systems and routing. Their enterprise product platforms provide wireless LAN infrastructure, video surveillance products, switching and routing solutions and machine-to-machine communication components.

Contact ACS for Business Computer Network Set Up.

Growing and expanding your small business is exciting, but does present many challenges. Computer networks are complex to design and set up, and our team has the experience and knowledge to build the right one for you.

E-mail us at:

ACS Dublin – 01 846 4200