Why We Need Paper Shredding - The Importance of Paper Security

While digital data is high on an organisation’s agenda it would be a mistake to assume that paper-based security risks have gone away. Paperwork still accounts for many common security breaches.

How to avoid paper work breaches?

One way of overcoming some of the risks associated with paper is to make sure your company has a data disposal policy. Introducing clear rules about the use of paper documents containing information about an identifiable person and their personal data, and then a process for correct shredding of documents is the first step towards GDPR compliance.

The availability of suitable shredding machines is crucial to the success of an effective document shredding policy.

Why We Need Paper Shredding - The Importance of Paper Security

How to choose the right shredder?

We can help you choose the right shredder for your business through 3 simple questions.

1. Where and how will the shredder be used?

Multiple users in a large office space where usage will be heavy, will require a shredder capable of handling large volumes and a larger bin capacity. While a compact model will be ideal for a small or home office.

2. What security level is required?

Each cut type shreds an A4 document into a number of pieces. Security is measured by a ‘P scale’ which relates directly to the cut the shredder provides. The larger the number of pieces the greater the security level. For example a P-3 cross-cut is suitable for day-to-day shredding of non-sensitive documents, while a P-6 shredder delivers a micro cut providing ultra-secure shredding for the most sensitive documents.

3. Manual vs Auto Feed?

Productivity and efficiency are also key factors. Rexel Auto Feed shredders feature award-winning technology, which means you spend 98% less time at the shredder compared to manual feed shredding. With these models you simply stack the paper in the shredder, shut and lock the lid and continue with your day-to-day business.

We have a wide range of shredders that will destroy personal or sensitive documents.

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