BrightPay Payroll Software enables to maintain detailed information on every employee within the organization. Employee data is organized around a central screen containing information that provides an overview of the employee. An employee becomes more than just a number.

A variety of reports is available with user-defined selection, sorting and filtering capabilities as well. Complete training plans and histories are kept for each employee.


  • Add employer logo (which can optionally be included on payslips).

  • Record all relevant employer data.

  • Set the options for a typical employee, which is used by default when adding new employees.

  • Add unlimited departments.

  • Add unlimited company-wide hourly dates.

  • Add unlimited company-wide daily dates.

  • Add unlimited company-wide piece dates.

  • Add unlimited company-wide addition types.

  • Add unlimited company-wide deduction types.

  • Add unlimited savings schemes, which can be set up to use percentage based or fixed amount employee and employer contributions.

  • Add unlimited employer bank accounts.

  • Start at beginning of tax year, start in middle of tax year, or continue partway in the tax year from migrated payroll records.

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