Desk And Drawer Tidies stationery

Desk And Drawer Tidies

Get your paperwork in order with our desk and drawer tidies products.

Q-Connect Tube Desk Tidy (Pack of 1)

The Q-Connect Tube Desk Tidy is designed with six compartments for all your essential desktop stationery. Pop pens, pencils and rulers in the four tall pots, and store paperclips, staples and erasers in the two trays at the base. With a novel design finished in gloss plastic, it’s a quick and easy way to create a more efficient workspace.

  • Handy desk organisation tool with six compartments
  • Four pots for pencils, pens and rulers
  • Two trays ideal for paperclips, staples, etc
  • Reduces desktop clutter
  • Attractive gloss plastic construction
  • Dimensions: W130xD130xH105mm

Desk And Drawer Tidies

Price from: 2.50€ (Exclude VAT)

CEP  Desk Tidy (Pack of 1)

Keep your desk area neat and tidy with this ingenious desk tidy from CEP. The tidy will make an attractive addition to your desk space and its space-efficient, compact design enables you to keep all of your desk accessories assembled and arranged in whatever way suits you. The desk tidy has a capacity for 40 pens, 5 highlighters, 3 CDs and 3 general compartments, and its innovative design means that you can use each compartment for storage of whichever accessories suit you.

  • Space-efficient, compact and elegant
  • Assemble and arrange all of your office accessories
  • Capacity: 40 pens, 5 highlighters, 3 CDs and 3 general compartments
  • Dimensions: 143x159x93mm (WxDxH)
  • Colour: Ice Blue
  • Shock resistant polystyrene construction

Desk And Drawer Tidies

Price from: 18.50€ (Exclude VAT)

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