Centre Feed Hand

2Work Centre Feed Hand Wiper Dispenser and White 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 150 Metres (6 pack)

Only: 39.99 €

2Work Centre Feed Hand Wiper Dispense:

Product Overview:

  • Dispenser for centrefeed rolls
  • Allows easy, flowing access to towels
  • Keeps contents hygienic
  • Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home
  • Use with 2Work centrefeed rolls
  • Dimensions: 350x203x235mm
  • Colour: White
  • Comes with a plastic key for locking the dispenser
  • Front drops down and slams shut for easy refilling

Centre Feed Hand

This wall mounted dispenser provides quick, easy access to hand towels and has a centrefeed design; meaning a single sheet is dispensed easily and efficiently, reducing the amount of waste. The plastic case protects the centrefeed roll from loss of quality and is also lockable, with a plastic key that is inserted into the top of the dispenser. Easy to refill, the front the dispenser drops down and slams shut once a new roll has been inserted. Measuring 350x203x235mm, this dispenser is suitable for communal staff areas and kitchens.

2Work White 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 150 Metres (Pack of 6)

Product Overview:

  • Centrefeed paper roll for all cleaning purposes
  • Double-ply ensures that liquid is absorbed
  • For wiping, polishing and drying
  • Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home
  • Can be installed into standard centrefeed dispensers
  • Width: 197mm
  • 150 meters per roll
  • Pack of 6
  • Colour: White

Centre Feed Hand

Created from 100% recycled material, these 150 metres rolls come from a sustainable source and are perfect for a variety of different office tasks. These versatile rolls can be used to mop, absorb, polish or dry with equal efficiency. This means that they are an ideal solution for complete office cleanliness. Suitable for use in centrefeed dispensers, this pack contains six 2 ply, white rolls.

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7 th- 11th September 2015