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GDPR Seminar Dublin

GDPR Seminar


In May 2018, a European privacy law is due to take effect that will require big changes, and potentially significant investments, by organizations all over the world. The GDPR contains many requirements about how you collect, store and use personal information. This means not only how you identify and secure the personal data in your systems, but also how you accommodate new transparency requirements, how you detect and report personal data breaches, and how you train privacy personnel and employees. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes new rules on organizations that offer goods and services to people in the European Union (EU), or that collect and analyze data tied to EU residents, no matter where they are located.
The seminar will provide an overview of the key principles, data subject consent and rights, obligations of...

ACS Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017

ACS Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your valued business. At ACS our philosophy is that IT should improve your bottom line – whether by managing your data in a superior way, providing relevant and up to the minute information, or streamlining processes, ACS can help improve your business. Providing high quality products and services to our customers is our main priority. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we would therefore like to invite you to share your experience of ACS. Please answer the questions whether you agree/disagree with the statements featured below. Once completed, click the 'Done' button at the bottom of the questionnaire. Thank you for your help and feedback. ACS (I.T. Business Solutions & Stationery Supplies) Create your own user feedback...