Avery offer a whole range of sticky products to help you organise your stuff

from filling labels and divides, to colour coding and storage labels.


To help you get started, when you purchase a promotional pack of 100 sheet

laser addressing labels we’ll send you a free gift* of a selection of our most

popular products, so you can print your way to a more organised workplace.

Call Ronan, Paul or Greg on 01-846-42-00 for more details.

Order CodeDescriptionLabel Size (mm)Labels (per pack)Price
AV841008Laser Address Labels63.5 x 33.9240047.90€
AV841009Laser Address Labels63.5 x 38.1210047.90€
AV841010Laser Address Labels63.5 x 46.6180047.90€
AV841011Laser Address Labels99.1 x 33.9160047.90€
AV841012Laser Address Labels99.1 x 38.1140047.90€
AV841013Laser Address Labels63.5 x 72120047.90€
AV841014Laser Address Labels99.1 x 57100047.90€
AV841015Laser Return Address Labels38.1 x 21.2650049.90€
AV841016Laser Return Address Labels45.7 x 25.4400026.90€

Call Ronan, Paul  Greg or Shay  on 01-8464200 for more information.

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Offer ends 03/07/2016.E&OE. VAT Excluded.Whilst stock last.